About Us

Welcome to Alcoholics Bar where we promise to give you a healthier high. I am Demetrius James and I will be your bartender.

If you are on this platform then it means you are a recovering alcoholic or you are living with one. Take heart, this is a scenario that is all too familiar to millions of Americans. I was in your shoes not so long ago and that is precisely what motivated me to start the Alcoholics Bar, an online platform for alcoholics in recovery to share their experiences and support each other in their journey of sobriety.

Alcoholics Bar is made up of a diverse team of recovering alcoholics as well as individuals who live with them. They each bring their unique and personal experiences and perspectives which enable us generate informative content that will benefit our readers.

Each alcoholic has their own unique story but similarities are plenty. It mostly began by us not seeing the signs of trouble, and by the time we knew it, we already had a drinking problem. What we all agree is that if we had learnt early how to spot the signs, we would have been able to change our lives much earlier. This is why we are here, to help those who are yet to fall into this trap to course correct and to show those who fell into the trap that there is life after rehab.

Sit back and enjoy an alcohol free life one sip at a time.



Demetrius James

Founder, Alcoholics Bar