4 ways to tell if your loved one has a drinking problem

featured3 - 4 ways to tell if your loved one has a drinking problem

Alcohol is no doubt a major part of our culture therefore it may not always be easy to realize when a person’s drinking habits have actually turned into a serious drinking problem.

In most cases, you will always know if your loved one loves to drink. They are always the first ones to open that bottle of beer or pour themselves a glass of scotch or wine. However, loving to drink and having an alcohol problem are not the same thing.

Here are 4ways to tell if your loved one’s drinking has turned into an alcohol problem.


#1 When they start lying about their drinking

The moment you realize that your loved one has started hiding their drinking including hiding alcohol bottles in various locations in the house, then this is a sign that there is a problem. Generally, anyone who consumes alcohol in a normal way will keep his/her stockpile in the open such as in a liquor cabinet, the fridge or in the pantry. They do not feel the need to keep their alcohol hidden.


#2 When they start experiencing extreme mood swings

Most people take alcohol because in the right quantity, it is an antidepressant. However, excess alcohol consumption can easily disrupt the drinker’s mental as well as physical health. The reaction is different from person to person but a common effect has been making the drinker irritable, angry and even violent. This mainly happens soon after the feeling of relaxation has started to fade. Always be on the lookout for such mood swings as they indicate signs of an alcohol problem.


#3 When they start experiencing alcohol-related health problems

Alcohol is toxic especially when taken in large quantities. It causes a lot of strain and eventual damage on the liver as it struggles to process it. Generally, when a person is an occasional drinker, their liver will always afford some time to recuperate. However, for a person who binge drinks on an almost daily basis will not give their liver a chance to rest and recuperate therefore eventually damaging this vital body organ. This then opens the body up to other health problems such as compromised immunity, liver failure, heart disease and even some forms of cancer.


#4 When they start experiencing problems at work or at school

The first sign of an alcohol problem is when it starts interfering with a person’s professional or academic life. It is impossible to continue being effective at work or at school when you are drunk most of the time or nursing a hangover most of the time. The moment your loved one starts getting into frequent trouble at work or school due to lateness, poor performance, or frequent disciplinary issues, then there is a problem.

There are many more signs to look out for but these are the main ones that you can be able to quickly spot. If you at some point suspect that your loved one is experiencing such problems, make concerted efforts to refer them to a rehab facility.

We would love to hear from you, please share with us some of your experiences dealing with a loved one with a drinking problem.

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