Here are 5 types of alcoholics you should be aware of

featured4 - Here are 5 types of alcoholics you should be aware of

As we have established, if you regularly find yourself drinking to a point that your level of intoxication impairs your safety and decisionmaking, then you may have or may be developing a drinking problem.

It is considered alcohol abuse when a person develops a habit of drinking increasingly larger amounts of alcohol on a regular basis. However, when this person then ends up developing a physical as well as psychological dependence on the alcohol then they are referred to as an alcoholic and in serious need of rehab.

Here are 5 types of alcoholics that you should be aware of.

#1 The young adult alcoholic

In America, it has been estimated that about 32 percent of all the alcoholics fall in the category of young adult alcoholics. They generally average the age of 24 years and are believed to have started heavy drinking by the time they were 20 years of age. The unfortunate bit about this category of alcoholics is that they may never seek for help because they don’t see their drinking as a problem rather a fun life choice.

#2 The young antisocial alcoholic

This category of alcoholics generally average 26 years of age and are believed to have started experiencing alcoholism from as early as 18 years of age. It is worth noting that at least 50 per cent of the people here will be diagnosed with some form of antisocial personality disorder. It may become much harder to identify and treat such a person because of their antisocial personality.

#3 The functional alcoholic

By the time a person gets to this stage, it means that they have somehow managed to avoid treatment for years.These are mainly people who are middle aged, educated, employed, and even in stable relationships. These people have been able to fool everyone around them including family and employers.

#4 The intermediate familial alcoholic

This category is a bit unique in that there is a very high likelihood that their alcoholism is as a result of genetics. It is highly likely that a significant number of their family members are struggling or also struggled with alcoholism.

#5 The chronic alcoholic

This is a very rare type of alcoholism that only affects about 9 percent of alcoholics who have gone untreated for years.

It is vital therefore to be able to identifythese different categories of alcoholics as this knowledge will help guide the type of rehab measure to prescribe to them. Most rehab programs are custom tailored to increase the level of their success.

We would love to hear from you, if you have been affected by any of these forms of alcoholism or whether someone close to you has been a victim.

info2 - Here are 5 types of alcoholics you should be aware of
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